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R.A.W. First Aid
(Remote And Wilderness First Aid)


What is R.A.W. First Aid?

R.A.W. stands for Remote And Wilderness First Aid. Often on course we are asked: "What's the difference between remote and wilderness first aid?" Many training companies will try and justify a difference. As far as we are concerned, there is no difference so we incorporate both. Category 5 offers a unique training course specific to North Queensland and is delivered under our remote area training division SOS (Specialised Outsdoor Survival). Remote and Wilderness First Aid designed for those who work and play in the outdoors. While "Senior" First Aid Courses give you great basic skills and knowledge, they don't account for being a long way from help. 


RAW First Aid differs significantly from standard first aid courses that are oriented toward the urban environment. RAW first aid will give you extended knowledge and skills to deal with situations that may occur whilst in a remote location. We prepare students for emergency situations that involve prolonged patient care, severe environments and improvised equipment. Our courses are scenario based which means you get hands on experience to prepare you for the real thing. They are fun, practical and very comprehensive. We use stage makeup and blood to give the realistic effect and a true outdoor experience.

 We can tailor courses to suit your work environment and organisational requirements. 

These courses are perfect for Outdoor Professionals, Mine sites, Camping, Scuba Diving Professionals and anyone who works or plays in the outdoors.


There are several training options available including:


2 day Essential RAW First Aid

* 3 day Standard RAW First Aid

* 5 day Advanced RAW First Aid

* 8 day RAW First Responder 


Other options available include: (additional costs apply)

* Upgrades from SRAWFA- ARAWFA and ARWFA-RAWFR 

* Refresher training for existing Wilderness First Aid Certificate Holders

Provide Pain Management (The Green Whistle)


There is simply no other first aid course like it.

*Category 5 Emergency Care delivers nationally recognised training on behalf of Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909

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Realistic first aid training
Night first aid scenario
Mine site first aid training
Leaders Wilderness Advanced First Aid
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