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We have teamed up with Nautilus Aviation to provide medical support for their SAR (Search and Rescue) Division.

Nautilus Aviation maintains a long, proud history of successful outcomes in the fields of helicopter search and rescue, firefighting and medevac transportation. They provide disaster relief support to Australian government agencies in the Asia-Pacific region, including operations to complement existing search & rescue services throughout Northern Australia for the Queensland Police Service, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.

Nautilus Aviation maintains a fleet of strategically-based double engine craft fitted and ready for complex medical cases involving patient transport and retrieval. Their 412EP model in particular boasts a wide, spacious, air-conditioned cabin that is easily accessed through two large sliding doors and a dedicated medevac stretcher promising low vibration levels for maximum patient comfort..

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All Category 5 Aeromed Staff are qualified in the following
  • Advanced Life Support

  • Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support

  • Helicopter Underwater Escape Training

  • Winch Rescue


Why choose Category 5 Emergency Care?

Category 5 Emergency Care is the premier provider of Emergency Pre-Hospital Care at public events and festivals throughout North Queensland. Category 5 staff consist of some of the most highly trained Emergency Pre – Hospital Staff including Emergency Nurses, Paramedics and Medics/First Responders. While others may offer event medic services at a cheaper price, we ask that you please do your research and ensure your events are being provided by staff with the experience to manage medical emergencies. Many ‘medics’ have little more than a 3-4 day Advanced First Aid certificate and little to no actual experience in managing medical emergencies, particularly in remote areas.

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Our staff are resourced with the latest equipment and monitors, communications equipment, life-saving drugs / medications (including pain relief) and intravenous fluid therapies as well as patient retrieval and advanced spinal immobilisation equipment. 


Category 5 consist of a multidiscipline team of Doctors, Emergency Department Nurses, Paramedics and First Responders many of which are major event specialists who have not just developed and lead medical teams for events like Brisbane Ekka, Mount Isa Rodeo, GBR Marathon but state disaster response teams like Cyclone Larry and Yasi. It is because of this wide range of Nationally Qualified Emergency Pre- hospital care professionals, that we can offer you such high level of care at a competitive price.

We can also offer scenario based training for your own first aid officers to ensure they are ready to respond to any foreseeable emergency.

Contact us for more information or for a no obligation free quote.

*Please note: We communicate with emergency services throughout any evacuation process to ensure smooth transition to State registered ambulance service.

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