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Peace of Mind
Mental Health & Crisis Response Training

We have partnered with Anowara Training to develop an industry recognised course in Mental Health & Crisis Response course..


Launching in early 2023, The Peace of Mind Mental Health & Crisis Response course is a one day course designed give you realistic skills and knowledge on managing mental health emergencies in the workplace. 


It is common for workplaces to appoint first aid officers for physical illness and injury but what about the increasing issue of mental health in the workplace.. Workplaces are also seeing the value of appointing skilled individuals to provide mental health first aid.

Appointing Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Officers in your workplace is a positive way to demonstrate that your organisation cares about individual well-being. MHFA Officers are trained to provide initial informal support to other employees in the workplace, outside of Human Resources and Workplace Health & Safety departments. They can complement formal support services, like Employee Assistance Programs.

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