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Event Healthcare Solutions

Category 5 Emergency Care can provide your event with a fully equipped First Aid post, Support vehicle or both. As part of our quality services, we can complete a full risk assessment for your event to ensure  the right level of service. Our Event Healthcare Solutions not only provide high quality care to your patrons onsite but reduce to demand on local state Ambulance and healthcare services.


Our team includes Paramedics,  Medics (Paramedic Students), Nurses, Doctors, Lifeguards and Sports Trainers to give you peace of mind at your event. We pride ourselves on offering our clients comprehensive   healthcare solutions  for their event, *Australia wide no matter how large or small. We are fully licensed by Qld Health to provide emergency drugs. 

*We work in conjunction with partner organisations both in Qld and interstate to provide you with the right level of care for your event.


Category 5 provides specialised first aid and medic services for the events, including but not limited to:

  • Concerts & music festivals

  • All sports 

  • Extreme sports & adventure racing

  • Marathons, Triathlons and Cycling Events

  • TV & FIlm

  • Corporate and Council Events

  • Motorcycle Events- Road, Moto X

  • Regional Shows

  • Equestrian- Campdrafts, Stockhorse Challenges etc

  • Rodeos

  • Aqautic events- Ocean/Open water swims


Why choose Category 5 Emergency Care?

Category 5 Emergency Care is the premier provider of Event Healthcare Solutions at public events and festivals throughout North Queensland.

Category 5 staff consist of some of the most highly trained Emergency Pre – Hospital Staff including Emergency Nurses, Paramedics, Doctors and Medics (Paramedic/Nursing students). We have clinical oversight from our Medical Director (FACEM) and all clinical practice is in line with our Clinical Practice Protocols. We are one of very few private providers in Queensland who are authorised by Queensland Health to administer emergency medications. We also reduce the demand on both the Qld Ambulance Service and Emergency Departments by not calling 000 for minor issues.

Many ‘medics’ have little more than a 3-4 day Advanced First Aid certificate and little to no actual experience in managing medical emergencies, particularly at large events.

The managers of Category5 Emergency Care are all Emergency nurses and Paramedics who have seen the sad results of inexperienced medics who have been placed in situation they were not trained to be in. It’s because of this, we will always advocate for a proper risk assessment, and we will never accept events where we feel our staff and the community will be placed at risk. As a company we will advise you if we feel the requested medical assistance will not meet the “coroner test”.

We accept that we may cost more and you may go with a different provider and that’s ok. However, to ensure you are actually getting what you need for your event, we recommend you ask the following questions to your medical provider:

1: What level of medical staff are you providing?

2: Ask for a copy of their qualification. If they are a nurse, paramedic or doctor ask for their

AHPRA Number and full name. Then search the details at If their

name doesn’t come up or they refuse to provide this information, question why?

3: Ask for a copy of their insurance.

4: Ask for the name of their Medical Director and a copy of their Clinical Practice Protocols.

As a company we are always happy to share this information, they should be too.

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Our staff are resourced with the latest equipment and monitors, communications equipment, life-saving drugs / medications (including pain relief) and intravenous fluid therapies as well as patient retrieval and advanced spinal immobilisation equipment. 


Category 5 consist of a multidiscipline team of Doctors, Emergency Department Nurses, Paramedics and Medics (3rd year Paramedic Students) many of which are major event specialists who have not just developed and lead medical teams for events like Brisbane Ekka, Mount Isa Rodeo, GBR Marathon but state disaster response teams like Cyclone Larry and Yasi. It is because of this wide range of Nationally Qualified Emergency Pre- hospital care professionals, that we can offer you such high level of care at a competitive price.

We can also offer scenario based training for your own first aid officers to ensure they are ready to respond to any foreseeable emergency.

Contact us for more information or for a no obligation free quote.

*Please note: We do not provide patient transport as part of our medic coverage services. If a casualty requires transport to hospital then we will call the State registered ambulance service.

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