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Water Rescue Certificate

Category 5's Water Rescue Certificate course is designed for anyone who wishes to work as a Lifeguard at an Aquatic Facility (Public Pool/Lagoon, Resort Pool/Lagoon, Waterpark etc). It is the minimum level required to work as Lifeguard.

This course is fun, hands on and very comprehensive and is taught by experienced industry professionals. You will receive the highest quality training in the industry. Our Lifeguard instructors are professional Lifeguards with years of pool & ocean experience. Our first aid instructors are paramedics and/or Emergency Department nurses who have years of experience in managing medical emergencies. 



Upon successful completion of the Lagoon Lifeguard course, participants will receive:

Category 5 Emergency Care delivers nationally recognised training on behalf of Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909


  • Water Rescue Certificate of Currency issued by Aquatic Lifeguards Australia (Valid for 12 months)

In order to meet the Aquatic Lifeguards Australia requirements and achieve a certificate of currency issued by Aquatic Lifeguards Australia (valid for 12 months) students will be required to meet the following industry stndards:

The additional requirements for Water Rescue Certificate
400m pool swim in less than 13 minutes, using any swim stroke.


Lifeguard mission -

300metre run

25 metre swim to manikin

25 metre recovery swim of manikin

5 mins of continuous CPR on manikin


Rescue Skills

- 25m swim to patient, with tube, 25m swim towing patient in less than 1:45 minutes.

- Reach and throw rescues

- Candidates required to perform tows on conscious and unconscious


- Lift to remove casualty from pool (including casualty with spinal injury)

Cost: $175/person

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