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"I just want to say a “Big Thank You” for your training and what you do. It definitely pays off having those quick responsive skills in real life situations- myself and a group of my cousins saved an elderly man on the weekend at Palm Cove. We were playing beach footy when we noticed him washing up to the beach with he’s body face down into the water (30-35cm depth). When we rushed to him and turned him over he was swollen and he’s skin colour was purple/blue (like a dead person in the morgue). Our first impression was he was dead!!!  We called for help while we were with him, but I noticed frothy type of discharge coming out of he’s mouth (immediately I assumed that it was from he’s lungs), ear’s, nose so I positioned him in a recovery position and could see he was still breathing. I then immediately checked if he had pulse and he still did. He was breathing a bit abnormal, so I remained to leave him in the recovery position and supported he’s head to make sure airways was clear as we were shown in the Remote First Aid Course. The life guards then arrived and  then took control of the situation and luckily we had two doctors on the scene and they were able to assist the life guards until the ambo’s arrived. 

Just want to say again, really appreciate the training we were taught, it’s one of those skills that you think that you would never have to use it and sorts of comes second best from the other qualifications, but when it is actually exercised properly, you feel a real self of appreciation." Gayai. QPWS

"Feedback was extremely positive for the courses that Jason ran – we even scored a ‘Green’ day for yesterday based on the feedback provided at Pre-Start this morning by 3 of the participants.  They said that it was, quote “The best First Aid course they’ve ever attended” based on the amount of practical scenarios.  It gave them much more confidence to perform FA in an emergency situation than the previous numerous FA courses they’ve attended because the focus of the course was spent on practical application to scenarios that were relevant and based on potential real life situations. The course was recommended to anyone who has not yet undertaken it or needs a refresher and I was specifically asked by consensus to engage Jason in the future for these courses." Susan Latham, Training Coordinator, MMG Dugald River Mine


"Jason came to our OSHC for the first time to deliver a First Aid course which turned out to be nothing like I have ever done in the past.  It was very hands on and didn’t include a whiteboard with slides to read.  We were taught the most up to date information but along with this real life stories that really helped us to learn the content and retain the information.  Jason is very passionate about what he does and this comes across in the way he teaches.  I have been doing First aid courses for 13 years now and this is the first time I have not watched the clock the whole time.  Jason will now be our permanent First Aid trainer.  Thanks Jason." Jess Whykes, OHSC coordinator, Holy Cross Catholic School.


I came into contact with Jason from Category 5 when I wanted to get my Level 2  Certificate as a Sports Trainer. 

Training with that was awesome.  I loved it. It was practical and useful. Jason was great as he taught us really useful skills and then tested us in a way that was both practical and relevant. I have repeatedly used the skills that Jason taught in my job as a First Responder.

Jason is an excellent instructor, but could also bring other specialists to teach specific areas. This was an amazing insight as we had professionals from AFL, NRL and other sporting codes talk to us.

After completing my Level 2 Sports Trainer course I had no hesitation in applying for the Certificate II in Emergency Medical Response as offered by Category 5.  This course taught me further skills that I have used on numerous occasions.

I live in Melbourne, but have no hesitation in travelling to Cairns to sit courses offered by Category 5.

Anyone interested in gaining serious first aid training and experience should talk to Category 5.

Shawn Irvine

First Aid courses Cairns and Far North Qld
Sports trainer and first aid services
- First Aid Courses Cairns and Far North Qld
First Aid training


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