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Aquatic Rescue Program

The "Aquatic Rescue Program" is the first ever volunteer program to be launched by Category 5 Emergency Care.

This program allows people outside of the industry to gain valuable qualifications and experience whilst working with on the job Professional Lifeguards. Unlike other volunteer programs this is completely FREE! The more time you commit, the more qualifications you receive.

If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us on-
Ph: 0435 882 550

What training will a volunteer have?

Volunteers will have their own personalised training schedule in which they will adhere to. The training schedules will include beach training with lifeguards and at home training depending on their accessibility. Training will be varied from large Category 5 courses and small hourly sessions run by Cat 5 lifeguards.

You will also gain accreditation through Aquatic Lifeguards Australia


Why should you become a volunteer?

Volunteering looks great on a resume, keeps you fit and active, you will be learning new life skills, you will meet new people of similar interests, you will be helping your community, you can gain extra qualifications, there will be potential career opportunities across the globe.

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