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The Instramed EAZY Automatic External Defibrilator is new to market in 2017. It is TGA registered and comes with some great features.

  • Waveform: Biphasic Truncated Exponential – Self-adjusts according to patient’s impedance.
  • Escalating Defibrillation Energy :1st shock 150 Joules, subsequent shocks 200 Joules.
  • Semi-Automatic Operation: push the blinking Button when instructed to do so.
  • Pads : Pre-connected and Non-polarised (can be placed in either position).
  • Battery: Long-life 3 years plus, typical life. Re-chargeable yearly.
  • Service Life : typically more than 200 cycles (full charges & discharges).
  • Battery Status Gauge : a 5 bar LED Battery Gauge to check levels at any time.
  • Operational status :(i) Visual Indicators, (ii) Voice Messages, (iii) Sound Indicators.
  • Heartbeats & CPR Timer - visual counters.
  • Real Time ECG Display - for medical professionals.
  • Testing Procedures : A full Auto-Test is undertaken Weekly and whenever the device is turned ON.
  • Continuous Charging : can be permanently connected to electrical current.


Allow 2 weeks for delivery

Instramed Eazy AED