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Category 5's Pool Lifeguard course is designed for anyone who wishes to work as a Lifeguard at an Aquatic Facility (Public Pool/Lagoon, Resort Pool/Lagoon, Waterpark,  etc). 

This course is fun, hands on and very comprehensible and is taught by experienced industry professionals with years of pool & ocean experience.. You will receive the highest quality training in the industry. Our Pool Lifeguard course exceeds courses offered by other providers. Our first aid instructors are paramedics and/or Emergency Department nurses who have years of experience in managing medical emergencies. 


Skills & knowledge taught include:

  • Prevent incidents and improve in water safety,

  • Identifying swimmers in difficulty

  • Various rescue techniques to respond to swimmers in difficulty 

  • First Aid, CPR and Advanced Resuscitation

*Prerequisite: There are no prerequisites for this course although  Pool Lifeguard and current first aid certification are desirable.



Upon successful completion of the Lagoon Lifeguard course, participants will receive:

Category 5 Emergency Care delivers nationally recognised training on behalf of Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909

  • Pool Lifeguard Certificate of Currency endorsed by Aquatic Lifeguards Australia (Valid for 12 months)

In order to meet the Aquatic Lifeguards Australia requirements and achieve a certificate of currency issued by Aquatic Lifeguards Australia (valid for 12 months) students will be required to meet the following industry standards:

The additional requirements for Pool Lifeguard Certificate

Fitness Test

800m pool swim in 14 minutes or less;

5 minutes continuous CPR

 Lifeguard mission - 

200metre run

25 metre swim to manikin

25 metre recovery swim of manikin

2 mins of continuous CPR

Rescue Skills

25m swim to patient, with tube, 25m swim towing patient in less than 1:45 minutes.

Cost: $450

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